What is the PTO and who can be a Member? PTO is a Parent-Teacher Organization. It is important to note that you are automatically a member of the Taylor PTO. In fact all parents or guardians of children attending Taylor, as well as each member of the professional staff, are members of the Parent-Teacher Organization and are encouraged to participate in its activities. The Active members of the committee consist of both parents and teachers who volunteer their time to enhance the educational experience of every child in our school. We are an independent organization and we do not belong to any state or national affiliation, or support ant political platforms. Because we are a PTO we keep all the funds that we raise for our school rather than sending money for state and/or national dues or fees. The board?s first function is as an accountability committee for Taylor. We work with the Principal and staff to develop and implement a set of high, but achievable, goals. Our goals are 1) Graduation; 2) Attendance rate; 3) Student achievement; 4) Communication. The responsibility of the PTO is to support the Principal and staff. In doing this we also help achieve the goals listed above. The PTO does not set policy, nor is it a policing group. We function as a volunteer organization and do wonderful, positive things for Taylor. PTO meeting will be held monthly, with a copy of the agenda in hand. Meeting minutes are posted on Taylors website, Taylor PTO?s facebook page and on the PTO bulletin board at the school. All meeting are open to the public. If there is a need to be heard at a meeting, the president or principal must be contacted at least one week in advance in order to be included on the agenda. Parliamentary law will be observed at all meetings.
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